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Struggling to cater to diverse startups?

Each startup project has its own unique needs and challenges, making the innovation journey tough to manage. Many ecosystems have great resources available, but struggle to allocate them properly and foster focus and collaboration in their ecosystem.


Innovation management

Fostering innovation and growth requires a sophisticated blend of collaboration, tailored support, and real-time insights. Our innovation management solutions are designed with this delicate balance in mind, catering to the needs of innovation ecosystems.

Empower startups with dedicated workspaces

Private workspaces are specially designed for startup teams and mentors to collaborate closely on innovation projects.

Within workspaces, teams can share updates, set custom goals, and store vital information.
Real-time KPI tracking keeps everyone aligned on the journey towards innovation excellence.
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Guide startups along their journey

Understanding that every startup's journey is distinct yet follows a pattern, we offer customizable journey maps.

These journeys guide startups by linking goals and milestones with the right deliverables, mentors, and resources.
Coupled with real-time progress monitoring, startups can stay on course, making necessary adjustments to fast-track success.
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Simplify mentorship and resource connections

Finding the right guidance can be transformative.

Our mentor booking feature simplifies the process of connecting startups with mentors who match their needs.
Through Acterio, introductions are more than mere meetings; they're opportunities for meaningful engagement, collaboration, and independent growth.
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Support growth and innovation with the right resources 

The integrated resources library stands as a crucial pillar of participant support, providing a rich repository of knowledge vital for fostering innovation and growth.

The resources library ensures every member of your ecosystem has access to all the essential resources at their fingertips.
With audience-specific targeting, deliver each resource to its intended audience, maximizing relevance and utilization.
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Delve deeper into each of Acterio's powerful features.

What’s in it for you?

Focus on value creation

Centralize and structure the entire innovation process and match the relevant resources and stakeholders seamlessly. Guide your startups effectively using tailor-made journeys in collaborative workspaces.

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What's in it for startups?

Empower your startups and increase their chances of success

Provide your startups with the structure and resources they need to meet their goals. Enable them to find their own mentors and foster collaborative relationships, and inform them by compiling all resources in one place.

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our clients

In their own words:

Maria Angel Struk
Maria Angel-Struk
Incubation Program Manager
Logo ACE
"Acterio has been an invaluable source of support from the very beginning. It is a user-friendly platform that effectively centralizes information about our community of startups, mentors, and stakeholders, making it readily accessible and fast. We now have one platform that centralizes our Incubation resources in one single place. This has significantly streamlined our operations and enhanced collaboration among our members."
Mitja Caboni
Mitja Caboni
Accelerator Manager
“The Acterio team has been very helpful in assisting PortXL with setting up an easy-to-use & easy-to-manage platform to smooth out operations and contact with start-ups for our acceleration program. Would recommend to other players in the innovation space.”
Melania Padolecchia
Melania Padolecchia
Program & Marketing Manager
“Acterio's onboarding process was instrumental in getting our startup accelerator up and running smoothly. The step-by-step guidance and intuitive interface made it easy for our team to navigate the platform's features with confidence. The personalized support we received ensured any questions or concerns were promptly addressed, fostering a sense of trust and reliability in the platform.”
Mitja Caboni
Nicolai Kjærnes
Incubation Manager
“Acterio is a great tool to easily get an overview of our student startup companies and their progress. The startups can easily update their progress, communicate with each other and get an overview of incubator activities”
Mitja Caboni
Veronika Bazika
Head of Incubation
“Acterio allows us to centralize all the relevant data and information of our startups and develop our entrepreneurial community. We were able to create an ecosystem that benefits from the digitalization of our services and network connecting founders, mentors, business developers and new stakeholders”
Mitja Caboni
Melody Chen
Head of Services
“Acterio is a user-friendly platform that makes it unnecessary to track down information on our startups, making portfolio management effortless. It enables us to make our resources easier available to our community and is also a great tool that sustains community engagement and creates synergies”

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