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OUR story

Acterio story

Acterio is built with a vision of being more than a software platform. Acterio was created to be a partner for innovation infrastructures, helping to deliver more value than ever before. 3 years later, Acterio is well on its way and supporting ecosystems all around Europe.

June 2020

Even Dahl and David Gjerde, growing frustrated with the lack of adequate digital tools, decide to take the challenge upon themselves, and establish Acterio as an internal project in Insj UiO, (originally Enable Magic) to create an encompassing software platform.
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August 2020

After talking to over 150 incubator managers around Europe, Acterio receives support from the Norwegian Resource Council and the team continues to grow.

January 2021

The first version of Acterio goes live, and our first partner is onboarded to the platform. We work closely with our initial customers to explore their needs and build a truly customizable product.

November 2021

Acterio goes international after partnering with our first partners in the UK. Since Acterio was established during the pandemic, we are well-equipped to work digitally and with teams and ecosystems all over the world.

June 2022

Acterio secures funding from Angel investors and our team continues to grow! Our offices are now at Forskningsparken in Oslo, and a team of 5 is working diligently to develop our platform.

January - December 2023

Acterio has a talented team of 12 and is working to support ecosystems across 8 countries. We continue to work closely with our partners to build new features and systems that best support their diverse needs.

Our values

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At Acterio, forward-thinking is not just a trait; it's a way of navigating the future. Our colleagues are visionaries, who anticipate challenges, and actively seek innovative solutions. This forward-thinking mentality propels Acterio toward its mission, ensuring we can provide the most value to our partners even in uncertain times.
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Collaboration is the beating heart of Acterio. Our colleagues embody the spirit of working together towards common goals and we embrace open communication, share ideas, and provide mutual support. This approach both within our team and with our partners enriches our product and ensures that our solutions are developed through a well-rounded approach.
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Reliability is the key to Acterio's success. Our colleagues are dependable, consistently fulfilling their roles and responsibilities with unwavering commitment and quality. This builds trust and offers the stability and predictability necessary to maintain the quality service delivery that Acterio is known for.
Our clients

Our clients are our everything

Our clients are at the core of everything we do, and we take your success personally. The platform serves a diverse range of customers globally, including universities, accelerators, incubators, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations. We consider clients as partners in development, and their feedback is an invaluable contribution to building and improvement of our platform.

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In their own words:

Maria Angel Struk
Maria Angel-Struk
Incubation Program Manager
Logo ACE
"Acterio has been an invaluable source of support from the very beginning. It is a user-friendly platform that effectively centralizes information about our community of startups, mentors, and stakeholders, making it readily accessible and fast. We now have one platform that centralizes our Incubation resources in one single place. This has significantly streamlined our operations and enhanced collaboration among our members."
Mitja Caboni
Mitja Caboni
Accelerator Manager
“The Acterio team has been very helpful in assisting PortXL with setting up an easy-to-use & easy-to-manage platform to smooth out operations and contact with start-ups for our acceleration program. Would recommend to other players in the innovation space.”
Melania Padolecchia
Melania Padolecchia
Program & Marketing Manager
“Acterio's onboarding process was instrumental in getting our startup accelerator up and running smoothly. The step-by-step guidance and intuitive interface made it easy for our team to navigate the platform's features with confidence. The personalized support we received ensured any questions or concerns were promptly addressed, fostering a sense of trust and reliability in the platform.”
Mitja Caboni
Nicolai Kjærnes
Incubation Manager
“Acterio is a great tool to easily get an overview of our student startup companies and their progress. The startups can easily update their progress, communicate with each other and get an overview of incubator activities”
Mitja Caboni
Veronika Bazika
Head of Incubation
“Acterio allows us to centralize all the relevant data and information of our startups and develop our entrepreneurial community. We were able to create an ecosystem that benefits from the digitalization of our services and network connecting founders, mentors, business developers and new stakeholders”
Mitja Caboni
Melody Chen
Head of Services
“Acterio is a user-friendly platform that makes it unnecessary to track down information on our startups, making portfolio management effortless. It enables us to make our resources easier available to our community and is also a great tool that sustains community engagement and creates synergies”
Our team

Meet Acterio team

Even Dahl
CO-Founder & CEO
Even Profile image
David Gjerde
CO-Founder & COO
David image
Øistein Sonstad
Project Manager
Øistein image
Dominic Harvey
Software Development Manager
Dominic image
Piotr Kwiatkowski
Software Developer
Piotr image
Ieva Statkeviciute
UX & UI Designer
Ieva image
Elene Davidova
Marketing & Customer Success
Elene image
Tetiana Zarudna
Marketing Intern
Tatiana image
Rehmat Ullah Idreesi
Marketing Intern
Rehmat image
Gytis Leonavicius
Front-End Developer Intern
Gytis Leonavicius
Genie Prinyanut
Front-End Developer Intern
Genie Prinyanut
Ekaterina Nattrass
Front-End Developer Intern
Ekaterina Nattrass
Ivan Mykhailov
Front-End Developer Intern
Ivan Mykhailov
Malin Tveranger
Marketing Intern
Rodrigo Figueroa Reyes
Back-End Developer Intern
Rodrigo Figueroa Reyes
Arthur Kamarouski
Back-End Developer Intern
Arthur Kamarouski