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what is acterio?

Your all-in-one innovation platform

Whether you’re steering a single startup or managing a bustling innovation hub, Acterio delivers the comprehensive tools you need to foster growth, streamline operations, and illuminate the path to success. Within Acterio, admins can manage and engage their community, keep track of their startups progress, and easily report back to investors and other stakeholders.

Acterio ecosystem

Your ecosystem digitized

Empower your ecosystem with platform where streamlined operations meet intelligent, data-driven insights, propelling your startups toward growth and success. With Acterio you get everything you need to run your innovation ecosystem smoothly and successfully.

Your ecosystem digitized

A powerful management tool

Select and support your startups

Streamline application and selection. Provide startups with workspaces and custom journey maps. Efficiently track progress and manage all documents.

Simplify operations

Reduce time spent on manual administrative tasks. Easily get an overview of your entire ecosystem, and simplify tracking and reporting.

Create network synergies

Engage your community and facilitate networking with member profiles. Manage announcements, events, and bookings all in one place.

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Acterio is your partner in innovation

With Acterio, you get a beautifully designed and intuive product, but also a hands-on customer success team that helps you every step of the way. We help you train your admins, set up your ecosystem, and onboard your entire community.

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our clients

In their own words:

Maria Angel Struk
Maria Angel-Struk
Incubation Program Manager
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"Acterio has been an invaluable source of support from the very beginning. It is a user-friendly platform that effectively centralizes information about our community of startups, mentors, and stakeholders, making it readily accessible and fast. We now have one platform that centralizes our Incubation resources in one single place. This has significantly streamlined our operations and enhanced collaboration among our members."
Mitja Caboni
Mitja Caboni
Accelerator Manager
portxl accelerators
“The Acterio team has been very helpful in assisting PortXL with setting up an easy-to-use & easy-to-manage platform to smooth out operations and contact with start-ups for our acceleration program. Would recommend to other players in the innovation space.”
Melania Padolecchia
Melania Padolecchia
Program & Marketing Manager
“Acterio's onboarding process was instrumental in getting our startup accelerator up and running smoothly. The step-by-step guidance and intuitive interface made it easy for our team to navigate the platform's features with confidence. The personalized support we received ensured any questions or concerns were promptly addressed, fostering a sense of trust and reliability in the platform.”
Mitja Caboni
Nicolai Kjærnes
Incubation Manager
logo oslo met
“Acterio is a great tool to easily get an overview of our student startup companies and their progress. The startups can easily update their progress, communicate with each other and get an overview of incubator activities”
Mitja Caboni
Veronika Bazika
Head of Incubation
logo mer innovasjon
“Acterio allows us to centralize all the relevant data and information of our startups and develop our entrepreneurial community. We were able to create an ecosystem that benefits from the digitalization of our services and network connecting founders, mentors, business developers and new stakeholders”
Mitja Caboni
Melody Chen
Head of Services
logo insj
“Acterio is a user-friendly platform that makes it unnecessary to track down information on our startups, making portfolio management effortless. It enables us to make our resources easier available to our community and is also a great tool that sustains community engagement and creates synergies”

Empowering ecosystems all over Europe

Our diverse clients are united in their mission to drive innovation forward, shaping the future of their industries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an innovation management platform?

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An innovation management platform is a tool designed to streamline the operations within incubators, accelerators, Co-working spaces, TTO’s, Venture builders and other similar organizations. Such a platform can help to centralize all relevant information, allowing for efficient oversight and management of every aspect of an innovation program—from initial idea generation to final execution.  Acterio is one of the top innovation management platforms that simplifies the complexities of managing innovation ecosystems by centralizing pertinent information and enabling efficient project oversight from start to finish. Acterio enhances community engagement by facilitating connections and collaboration among members, thereby promoting a vibrant culture of innovation within organizations.

What features should an innovation management platform have?

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An innovation management platform should offer features that support every facet of managing and nurturing an innovation ecosystem. These features include application management, event planning, resource management, communication tools, and comprehensive reporting capabilities to track progress and engagement. Acterio exemplifies such a platform, integrating these essential functionalities into a single, cohesive tool that streamlines the management of innovation ecosystems. For a detailed look at Acterio's full range of features, please visit our solutions page.

What kind of customer support does Acterio offer?

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Acterio offers comprehensive customer support designed to maximize your innovation ecosystem experience on the platform. Our onboarding process is tailored to each client's specific needs, ranging from a hands-on approach—where we manage setup, structure establishment,train your admins, mentors and onboard the whole community—to a hands-off approach that empowers you to lead the process with our guidance and resources. Regardless of the approach you choose to follow, we provide ongoing support, maintaining close contact to address any issues and assist you throughout your journey with Acterio.

Can Acterio be customized to fit our organization's specific needs?

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Yes, Acterio is highly customizable to address the unique challenges and requirements of your organization, allowing you to tailor features like journey mapping and resource allocations to suit your specific operational workflows.

What are the pricing plans for Acterio?

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Acterio's pricing structure is designed with flexibility in mind, offering annual plans that are scalable according to the size of the organization. This ensures that whether you're managing a burgeoning startup ecosystem or a well-established innovation hub, Acterio provides a tailored solution that aligns with your specific needs and budget, facilitating growth and adaptation at every stage of your ecosystem's development. Schedule a demo to learn more.

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