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Elevating efficiency and collaboration with Acterio platform

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Location: Rotterdam
Organization type: Accelerator
Organization size:
4 employees
Year founded: 2015
Industry niche:
Maritime B2B

In brief


Mitja, serving dual roles as Scouting Manager and Program Manager at PortXL, coordinates a diverse array of startups, mentors, and corporate partners. The primary challenge is fragmented communication, reliant on emaiand WhatsApp, leading to inefficient event logistics and coordination. Previous attempts at using digital platforms were unsuccessful, underscoring the need for an effective, unified communication solution.


PortXL adopted Acterio, a user-friendly platform, to centralize information and streamline communication. This transition, facilitated by COO David and the team, focused on highlighting the benefits to the ecosystem's startups. Acterio effectively reduced inquiries, improved clarity, and streamlined organizational communication.


With Acterio, PortXL enhanced community management, clarity in internal processes, and efficient collaboration within their small team. Acterio has become a key tool for startup coordination, with plans to expand its functionalities for scouting startups, serving as a hub for alumni and mentors, and aiding in outreach and profile creation. The platform supports PortXL's commitment to fostering personal relationships in the maritime industry.

What is PortXL?

PortXL, established eight years ago, is dedicated to fostering innovation in the traditionally conservative maritime industry. The organization's primary focus is on the successful execution of its yearly accelerator program, a distinctive three-month annual event that combines in-person sessions with remote work phases. This program aims to secure contracts for each of the participating companies within a one-to-two-year timeframe. Beyond this immediate goal, PortXL is continually scouting for promising candidates for the next program cycle and actively hosts events like "Innovator in a Day" to encourage ongoing innovation and engagement in the sector.

Within PortXL, Mitja holds the dual roles of Scouting Manager and Program Manager at PortXL, managing a diverse range of tasks including program coordination, startup scouting, and alumni engagement. His daily responsibilities encompass a broad spectrum: from overseeing email communications and coordinating with various partners to conducting thorough assessments of startup potential. This multifaceted role requires him to maintain crucial connections within the community, ensuring the smooth functioning of PortXL's programs and initiatives.

Past challenges

A key aspect of PortXL's mission is the measurement of success through various metrics such as the number of contracts signed, the amount of funding raised, and the survival rate of startups, which currently stands at an impressive 89%. An additional metric of interest is the impact of these startups on the Rotterdam economy, reflecting the organization's collaboration with the city. Despite these clear metrics, PortXL faces challenges in quantifying its impact on environmental sustainability, a significant area of its influence.

The organization benefits from a network of experienced mentors from the maritime industry, who play a crucial role in guiding and inspiring startups. This mentorship program is carefully balanced to ensure that it contributes to the growth of startups while avoiding the pitfalls of becoming a free consultancy service. The relationship between mentors and startups is structured to foster mutual value creation, adhering to PortXL's commitment to nurturing innovation within the maritime sector.

PortXL’s diverse startup ecosystem includes individuals with extensive maritime experience alongside younger entrepreneurs in their early careers. This diversity presents unique challenges, particularly in managing varied expectations and addressing frequent last-minute logistical queries. Before integrating Acterio, PortXL relied on a mix of email and WhatsApp for communication, which often led to disorganization and inefficiency. The adoption of Acterio as the primary platform for community management has been transformative, streamlining operations and enhancing communication. Acterio serves as a central repository for all essential information, reducing the startups' reliance on individual communications with Mitja and significantly improving organizational efficiency.

Looking forward

The transition to Acterio was facilitated by COO David and was characterized by the platform's user-friendly design, which eased the adoption process. Overcoming the initial challenge of encouraging users to embrace Acterio was crucial. The team adopted a straightforward approach, highlighting the platform's benefits and ensuring all necessary information was easily accessible. This strategy paid off, as evidenced by the reduction in inquiries and improved operational efficiency post-adoption. However, this shift also resulted in less informal communication within the team, which was seen as a minor loss. PortXL's previous experience with another platform, which failed due to setup complexities and user engagement issues, informed their approach with Acterio. The focus was on proactive user guidance and encouragement, ensuring the platform's successful integration within the organization.

Acterio has effectively addressed several of PortXL's key challenges, particularly in terms of centralizing communication and enhancing community management. The platform's potential for future applications is expansive, with possibilities including scouting new startups, acting as a hub for alumni and mentors, and facilitating profile creation and outreach. This aligns with the organization's emphasis on the importance of personal contact, especially crucial in a conservative industry like maritime. While Acterio has not significantly altered PortXL's long-term strategy, its benefits in providing a main platform for managing mentors and alumni are evident. The organization is currently exploring how Acterio can be further integrated into its strategic framework. The positive impact of Acterio on PortXL includes reduced administrative workload and more efficient community management, benefits that extend to Mitja and the office manager alike. While comprehensive metric tracking is not yet fully implemented, the transparency and responsiveness of Acterio, especially in terms of bug fixes and development, have been well-received. PortXL remains optimistic about the future role of Acterio in supporting its scaling efforts and operational efficiency.