For universities

Manage and analyze your portfolio of student projects while guiding them with tangible milestones.

Structure your program while engaging students. Motivate them to exceed expectations.

Feature highlights

Our features make it easy for your students to stay connected and enthusiastic throughout the program. Optimize your own workflow as well as theirs.

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Announcements & Messaging

Streamline communication with homescreen announcements, direct messages, and group chats.

  • Lower the threshold for connecting with unknown members.
  • Easily spread key information and news to the entire ecosystem.
  • Centralize communication channels.
Announcements & Messaging
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Activity tracking

Monitor progress, identify bottlenecks, and allocate resources effectively for individual startups as well as the entire community.

  • An easily filterable and insightful view of your community’s latest activity.
  • Demonstrate the progress you’ve made and your added value.
  • Efficiently analyze your resource use.
Activity tracking
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Promote engagement and discussion with a Reddit-like forum for community members.

  • Lower the threshold for engagement and discussion.
  • Use tags to find conversations that are relevant to you.
  • Avoid informative discussions being deleted over time.
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Startup journeys

Structure startups' journeys with customizable tasks. Pair resources, service providers, and mentors with specific milestones to guide successful implementation.

  • Easily edit journeys, or use our library of predefined templates.
  • Control the startup’s access to guide their progress and focus.
  • New collaborators or mentors can easily see the progress.
Startup journeys
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Insight dashboards

Get valuable startup performance insights with advanced analytics, customized reports, and key metric tracking.

  • Customize your metrics
  • Create stunning reports in seconds.
  • Track your activity to add value where its needed most.
Insight dashboards

Getting onboarded

Our customer success team is dedicated to making your transition to Acterio seamless and simple. This expert help engages your community from the beginning and facilitates consistent use of the platform.

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Tailor-made plan

Our team meets with yours to establish a timeline and onboarding strategy that fits your priorities and needs.

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Admin training

We help you set up the platform for your intents and purposes while giving your admins detailed insight into how to use Acterio.

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Community training

We deliver in-person, customized onboarding workshops, to bring your community to Acterio in a way that maximizes future engagement and active use.