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Craft a crystal-clear value proposition to avoid confusion derailing your startup.

If your customers struggle to remember who you are, you probably need to edit your value proposition.

We all know that effective communication is the name of the game, but many founders struggle to nail down their unique selling points, leaving their messaging vague and forgettable. Picture this: you're in a crowded marketplace, and without a clear value proposition, you risk blending in with the noise. Not effectively communicating the unique selling points of your product or service makes it challenging to attract customers and leverage the value that you are able to provide.

Use these simple steps to create a strong, tested, value proposition, or to revisit yours if you haven’t done so for some time.

  1. Use the value preposition canvas to clearly outline the top reason your product is the most desirable to the consumer.
  2. Iterate your value proposition (play around with changing the tone, length and format) until you have a few viable options.
  3. Use easy website builders such as Wix, MailerLite, or Canva to create landing pages with your value prop, and test the responses to different variations. Split testing softwares such as fivesecondteest can allow you to quickly compare reactions to different value propositions, and choose the one that resonates the most.
  4. Soft launch your messaging by releasing it on your website or to a select part of your audience.
  5. When you’re content, push your messaging more and harmonize it across channels. The value proposition should address customers in all of their interaction with the brand.

If you’ve learnt how to create great landing pages, check out our resource on alternative uses of landing pages here.

Pro tip: If you’re onboarded onto Acterio, you can browse the company cards in your ecosystem to be inspired by other projects’ value propositions, and use the Forum to get feedback on and soft launch your own. Find templates and guides for value proposition creation in the resource database.

Aleksandra Lyubarskaja
Marketing Intern